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  • 2022 Comprehensive Basic Weaving $575



    Your confidence level will soar with all the new-found knowledge gained in this workshop!

    Instructor: Susan Conover 

    Prerequisites: None 

    Max Enrollment: 4 

    Price: $575 (includes all instruction time, materials & use of equipment) Students to supply their own lunch. A non-refundable deposit of $75 is required to secure a spot in this course with the balance due two weeks prior to the course beginning. 

    Dates OfferedMonday through Friday; June 20-24th, July 18-22nd and August 8-12th

    Course Times: 8:30am-5pm daily.  As a courtesy to our students, the studio will remain open until 8pm Monday through Thursday for those who would like to peruse the Fiber library or catch up on weaving (unsupervised).

    If you desire a solid foundation course in floor loom weaving - this is the course for you. If you have been away from weaving for a bit and need to "refresh" your memory - this also is the course for you. We have enjoyed enrollment in this course from folks throughout North America!

    Following are highlights of this comprehensive curriculum:
    • Anatomy of the loom: jack, counterbalance and countermarch
    • Use of the warping board & warping mill
    • Dressing the loom from back to front with the aid of a warping trapeze
    • Calculations of warp warp and weft
    • Reed considerations
    • Reading drafts (to include drawdowns)
    • Tie-Ups for jack, 4-shaft counterbalance and 8-shaft countermarch looms (students will have an opportunity to weave on all types of looms).
    • Shuttle considerations
    • Use of the wooden temple
    • Finishing techniques for your handwovens; including hemstitching on the loom
    • How to fix mistakes
    • Calculating the rate of shrinkage after wet finishing
    • Loom ergonomics
    Students will have an opportunity to weave the following projects during our five days together:
    • Two plain weave napkins in 8/2 Egyptian cotton, measuring 18" wide on the loom, 4-shaft
    • 8-shaft Cottolin warp towel with linen weft, measuring 18" wide on the loom
    • Two color gamps; one woven in twill and the other in plain weave in Borgs 6/2 Tuna Wool, measuring 14" on the loom, 4-shaft

    Please note our cancellation policy: A non-refundable deposit of $75 is required to secure a spot in this class. The balance is due two weeks prior to the course beginning.All in-person class participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and properly wear a face mask while in our studio.