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  • 2023 OPEN WEAVING $75/day

    2023 OPEN WEAVING in Conover Workshops’ Studio

    We have wound four beautiful warps; beamed, threaded, sleyed, and all tie-ups are completed. The impetus to developing this Open Weaving is to allow weavers who are alumnus of  our Comprehensive Basic Weaving, Vävstuga Basic Weaving or folks with some weaving experience, to weave projects to their heart’s content and enjoy like-minded camaraderie.

    Please choose consecutive days, which would suit your schedule. Susan has woven each of these projects and will have the finished pieces available for your perusal. Now, you ask, how many days will it take to weave each project? That depends on a few factors:

    ·      Familiarity with the loom

    ·      Experience with the weave structure

    ·      Understanding the fiber(s) you will be weaving 

    ·      Speed of weaving, which is subject to various dynamics (including the alignment of the planets)

    If you wish, bring along some weaving buddies and make it a memorable event. We want this to be an enjoyable experience without pressure. The projects (Repp Runner, Overshot Towels and Plain Weave Table Cloth) were chosen not to be difficult but a learning experience. The 8S Rose Wreath Runner is for weavers with experience on floor looms. Perhaps you have never woven the structure being offered or accustomed to the materials, well now is the time to step up to the plate in a controlled environment. 

    The fee is $75/day (9am-5pm) plus material fees. Susan will familiarize you with the equipment and project, then you are on your own. Don’t panic, she will be in and out of the studio during your visit. Bring your own sack lunch and beverage. All materials and equipment are provided. 

    A non-refundable deposit of $25 is required for each day. The balance of $50 per day is due two weeks prior to your arrival. Check out the schedule in the photos above for spots available ... we try to update it daily.