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  • Antique #602 Bedrock Hand Plane (Postpaid Continental US)

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    Stanley Bedrocks were made from the late nineteenth century until 1943. Stanley stopped making them in 1943 to concentrate on war production and never resumed manufacture after the war. Bedrock was Stanley's best plane, with improvements introduced ahead of their standard Bailey line. While the Bailey line sported an #01 there was never a #601 Bedrock, #602 was the smallest. Stanley's Bedrock design is what Lie-Nielsen copied for their fine line of planes, and also Wood River. Two Bedrock sizes that are rare are #602 and #605-1/2.

    This one is in very good condition with most of the finish in good shape and the japanning near perfect. The front knob and tote have the original finish with the Stanley decal intact. Shipment postpaid anywhere in the continental U.S. is included in the price.