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  • Double Width Weave Wool Throw Enrollment Opens on June 22nd

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    DOUBLE WIDTH WEAVE WOOL THROW - Enrollment for this class will open up on Monday, June 22, 2020

    It is just manipulating the layers so that you achieve a wide blanket!

    Instructor: Susan Conover

    Prerequisites: Basic Weaving or equivalent

    Max Enrollment: 4

    Price: TBA (instruction time, materials and use of studio equipment)

    Dates Offered: Saturday-Monday, October 30-November 1, 2020; Tuesday-Thursday, November 10-12, 2020; from 9am-4:30pm daily

    Have you ever come across a weaving draft requiring a wider width on the loom than you had available? Never fear, there is double width weave to the rescue! With simple manipulation of the layers of cloth you will be able to create a weaving piece that is folded on the left side but not attached on the right. Once removed from the loom, your woven piece opens up to reveal quite a large piece. Yes, there are some limitations (aren’t there always?) but we will cover them during the class.

    We will have four Glimåkra 8-Shaft Countermarch looms set up in 2/2 Twill structure for our students. The warp and weft material is none other than Borgs 6/2 Wool from Sweden; each of our four looms will be dressed in a different color-way with plenty of plaid/striping options. The size on the loom at the reed is 35-1/4" wide but once off the loom the blanket will open up to 57" wide by 53" long plus 1" for fringe on both ends.

    We will spend time at the classroom table exploring:

    • The "fold" treatment - achieving clean lines
    • A dense warp results in a sticky wool warp - tips & tricks
    • Understanding the double width weave threading, tie-up and treadling sequences
    • Achieving weft color changes gracefully
    • How to "fold" a draft for double width weaving
    • Designing a draft for your loom at home
    • Wet finishing techniques aka fulling your blanket

    Weaving doublewidth results in a nice wide handwoven piece albeit it does take a wee bit of effort.

    Please note our cancellation policy: Thirty days or more prior to the start date, your deposit/fee is 50% refundable. If you cancel less than thirty days from the course beginning, the deposit/fee is non-refundable. To cancel email, write or telephone and leave a message on our answering machine. If for any reason we cancel a course, your entire payment will be refunded promptly.