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  • Dress the Loom from Back to Front $125; Saturday & Sunday, from 9am to 4:30pm $125

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    Dressing the Loom from Back to Front

    A wonderful introduction or great refresher

    Instructor: Susan Conover

    Prerequisites: No experience necessary

    Max Enrollment: 5

    Price: $125 (includes all instruction time and handouts)

    Date Offered:Saturday and Sunday from 9am-4:30pm; April 15 & 16, 2023 also September 16 & 17, 2023

    This two-day hands-on seminar is a vital foundation course that should be attended by any weaver who needs a refresher course. Dressing the Loom teaches you the mechanics of properly dressing (warping) a loom from back to front using the straight beam method. We will not cover sectional beaming in this workshop. Susan Conover will demonstrate how to measure your material on a warp board as well as a warp mill. Students will have an opportunity to dress a Schacht Pup and/or Baby Wolf jack loom; a Glimakra 4-shaft counterbalance loom and a Glimakra 8-shaft countermarch loom.The trapeze method of beaming will be demonstrated too. Students will have ample opportunity to thread steel and Texsolv heddles; sley reeds and tie-on to the cloth bar.

    Here are some of the items you will learn:

    • Loom actions: jack, counter balance and countermarch
    • What type of material makes an acceptable warp?
    • Warp board and warp mill techniques.
    • Pre-sleying rather than using a raddle.
    • Threading and reed hook techniques: steel and Texsolv heddles.
    • Choosing the correct sett.
    • Sleying the reed efficiently.
    • Avoiding tension problems of the warp (not the weaver).

    Experienced weavers have stated this refresher in the basics has been excellent time spent.

    Please note our cancellation policy: A non-refundable deposit of $75 is required to secure a spot in this class. The balance is due two weeks prior to the course beginning.