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    Hollow forms are an alternative to faceplate turned vessels. As a vessel gets tall and slender it is best spindle turned and that is what hollow forms is all about.

    • Instructor: Ernie Conover
    • Prerequisites: Woodturning Tool & Techniques or Basic Spindle Turning or equivalent experience (You must be able to turn a spindle the shape you desire without catching).
    • Max Enrollment: 3
    • Price: $450 (includes all instruction time, materials) Lunch provided by student. A nonrefundable $$75 deposit is required to secure a spot in this class with the balance due two weeks prior to the course beginning.
    • Date Offered: (Saturday & Sunday) September 17 & 18, 2022 from 8:30am-4:30pm

    We have decided to break Hollow Forms and Boxes into separate weekend courses. While the two forms have great similarity one day does not give either skill enough time. A second day of hollow forms allow the class to thoroughly examine and try the specialized tools available these days for hollowing spindle turned vessels.

    Every bowl turner, has ogled the extraordinary closed forms that are pictured regularly in magazines and on the web. Have you asked yourself, "How difficult are they? Could I actually learn to do some of these techniques?” If so, this is the course for you!

    Indeed, these techniques are not any more difficult than other areas of woodturning; they are just different. They do require a few specialized tools and learning to do some interior work "blind" by feel and touch. However, all are within anyone's ability. In fact, with a bit of practice, lovely and striking pieces can be made by anyone. The first day will be devoted to understanding the techniques and tool grinds necessary for hollow forms. Ernie emphasizes simple procedures with tools you already have along with shop made tools and procedures that get results.

    The second day is devoted to exploring all of the specialized hollow form equipment that is available. Negative rake scrapers, turners gates (backstand rests) will be available to try, along with specialized boring bars and ring tools.

    The following are some of the hollow form techniques you will learn in this fun weekend:
    •     Appropriate wood selection for closed forms
    •     Design considerations
    •     Where standard lathe tools start to fail and special tools take over
    •     Chucking
    •     Making your own tools 
    •     Hollowing the interior through a small aperture
    •     Decorating and texturing hollow forms

    You will turn several hollow forms in the course of the weekend and go home with the confidence to make more.

    Tool List for Hollow Forms and Boxes