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Shaker Candle Box Materials Kit

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Shaker Candle Box Materials Kit of Materials

This kit includes of all  the wood (yellow poplar) in the cutting list below for building two hand dovetailed Shaker Candle Box along with Ernie Conover in a series of Zoom meetings. Also included are staple hinges for the first box and brass hinges for the second along with an extra piece of wood for mistakes. Price includes shipping in the continental U.S.

Item                     Thickness         Width             Length

Top                             3/8"              4 1/2"           12 5/16"

Front/Back                 3/8"              4 3/8"             11 7/8"

Ends                            3/8"             4 3/8"             4 3/8"         

Bottom                        3/8"            4"                    11 1/2"