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  • VIRTUAL Weaving with Linen & Exploring Huck Lace via ZOOM

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    Sachet material or a sampler 

    Pre-requisites: Conover Comprehensive Weaving or Vävstuga Basics

    Dates: January 8, 15 & 22, 2022 

    Time: 9:30-11am 

    Fee: $80 (includes pre-wound warp and plenty of weft material; includes shipping within the Continental US...warp & weft plus threading will begin shipping on Dec 1st

    This virtual workshop will bring clarity to weaving linen and understanding the basics of huck lace. Susan will provide participants with a pre-wound Bockens 16/2-line linen warp and weft for a three yard, 171 warp end, 8-1/2” wide on-the-loom project. The result being sachet yardage, or a sampler woven in huck lace variations.

    The recorded presentation will be available for six days on Conover Workshops’ YouTube Channel. Participants will be able to take their time and thoroughly enjoy the process of dressing their loom and weaving their sampler without the constraints of a workshop setting.

    January 8th Session: Winding a linen warp; Beaming a jack loom including a trapeze; Threading and sleying tips; and Tying on a linen warp. 

    January 15th Session: Boat shuttles – why a closed bottom shuttle; Winding a pirn or bobbin successfully (cardboard, plastic, wood, paper); A 20-minute video on flax processing created by Ernie & Susan Conover;     Using a wooden temple; Beating techniques for linen; Creating a guide for consistent weaving; Fixing threading/sleying errors; and A thorough discussion on Huck Lace and its many variants

    January 22nd Session: Continuing the discussion on Huck Lace; Suggested yarn setts for Line Linen Yarns; Laundering linen and storage; Hemming linen; Finishing techniques for sachets; and Bibliography.

    Participants need to provide: 4-Shaft Floor or table loom with 10-dent or 12-dent reed with a minimum of 10” weaving width; Heddle requirements: A total of 171 heddles. Shaft 1(56); Shaft 2(53); Shaft 3(30); and Shaft 4(32). The shaft nearest the weaver is Shaft 1. (Please do not mix heddle types per shaft. You may put one type of heddle on one shaft and another type of heddle on another shaft, but the heddle eye height should be the same on all shafts.); Wooden temple for 8-1/2” weaving width. Metal temples and clip-on temples are not appropriate for linen weaving; A linen testerBobbins, quills or pirns specific to your shuttle; and Closed bottom shuttle. 

    Cancellation Policy: Payment in full, $80, is required at the time of registration. There will be no refunds issued.