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  • Zoom Class Build Two Shaker Candle Boxes


    Zoom Class on Five Consecutive Saturdays: Build Two Shaker Candle Boxes

    • Instructor: Ernie Conover
    • Prerequisites: None
    • Max Enrollment: 50
    • Price: $145 payable at registration and non-refundable as long a Conover Workshops holds the class.
    • Date Offered: Saturday afternoons, Jan 29, February 5, 12, 19 & 26, 2022 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time

    In this series of hybrid zoom sessions Ernie Conover will guide you through the building of two Shaker Candle Boxes with a finished size of 4-3/8"  across x 12-7/8" wide by 4" deep. The first is a reproduction of an original, built about 1790 in one of the Eastern Shaker Communities. It has dovetailed corners, an inset bottom and beveled edges on three sides of the lid, which is affixed with simple staple hinges. The second box will be more refined with the bottom trapped in a groove and brass hinges for the lid.

    In this class you will learn:

    1. Basic woodworking (joinery) skills
    2. Layout, how to mark your pieces so you can cut them to size and they fit precisely
    3. How to cut wood to size without machine tools
    4. How to hand cut through dovetails
    5. Use of planes to smooth and shape wood
    6. Use of chisels
    7. Use of handsaws
    8. Finial smoothing and applying finish

    Each session will start with a prerecorded video showing what you need to accomplish for the upcoming session. Following up with each video is a two-hour Zoom session in which Ernie will elaborate on the video and answer questions. Participants are free to show their tools or work (via share screen) and Ernie will  demonstrate how to make the tool work better and also the steps to fix mistakes. The live session will be recorded and available for those who have a schedule conflict with the Saturday live event or those who just want to re-watch.

    A cutting list is available on our website or a kit of all the parts for the two boxes along with the staple hinges and a set of the brass hinges may be ordered by clicking here.

    This is an excellent primer for anyone wanting to take our six-day, hands-on Handtool Joinery Class at our location in August.