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  • 2024 Overshot with a Swedish Twist $325



    This daldräll runner allows for sampling different treadling orders on the same threading. The result being a beautiful runner in Bockens 16/2 Cotton warp, Bockens 16/1 Line Linen for ground weft and Bockens 16/1 (doubled) for pattern weft.

    Instructor: Susan Conover 

    Prerequisites: Conover Comprehensive Basic Weaving or Vävstuga Basics or equivalent

    Max Enrollment: 4 

    Price: $325 (includes all instruction time & use of equipment) Materials fee will be calculated at the end of class (approximately  $55 for one meter of fabric). Students to supply their own lunch. A non-refundable deposit of $75 is required to secure a spot in this course with the balance due two weeks prior to the course beginning. 

    Dates OfferedFriday through Sunday, April 5-7, 2024 (2 spots available); also being offered Tuesday through Thursday, April 16-18, 2024 (Class Fully Subscribed)

    Course Times: 8:30am-5pm daily 

    Floor looms used for this course include Glimåkra Standard and Glimåkra Ideal with counterbalance mountings

    Daldräll is the Swedish term for North American Overshot weaving patterns. This class is a must for any weaver who is enamored with this beautiful patterning which may be found in coverlets, tablecloths, runners, etc. Susan has woven kilometers of this patterning and would love to share some very important ins and outs to execute a beautiful runner.

    The runner has a Bockens 16/2 Cotton warp in natural (unbleached, #0000); Bockens 16/1 Line Linen (golden, #0005) for ground/tabby and weaver's choice of 16/1 Line Linen (dyed), which is doubled for pattern wefts. Width of the runner is approximately 12.50" and the length is determined by the weaver's skill level. All the treadling is on the same tie-up but if desired, the weaver may change the tie-up for different patterning effects. 

    This is a 3-day course with plenty of classroom time to explore: 

    • Overshot Terminology

    • Block Weaves
    • The Twill Circle
    • Treadling Tips-n-Tricks
    • Winding bobbins with two strands of single linens successfully; alternately, using a double bobbin shuttle 
    • Star vs. Rose Fashion Treadling - how to convert from one to the other
    • Weaving to Square
    • Two Shuttle Management
    • Use of the wooden temple
    • Finishing techniques for your handwovens; the care and storage of linen goods
    • The historical influence of the Swedish culture on Overshot in North America today
    • Please note our cancellation policy: A non-refundable deposit of $75 is required to secure a spot in this class. The balance is due two weeks prior to the course beginning.