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  • 2024 Festools for Fine Furniture Construction (Seminar) $75



    Unique Solutions to Everyday Woodworking Tasks

    Ernie Conover

    Prerequisites: None

    Max Enrollment: 8  

    Price: $75 (includes all instruction time). Students supply their own lunches plus a travel mug for beverages, hearing protection and notebook. A non-refundable fee of $75 is required to secure a spot in this informational seminar.

    Dates Offered: (Saturday) April 13, 2024 also being offered July 20, 2024 from 8:30am-4:30pm

    Festool is a technology-driven German company which builds superlative, innovative tools that solve age-old woodworking difficulties. In this one-day lecture, Ernie Conover will cover the tools that will solve everyday woodworking tasks and are worth your consideration cost-wise. He will showcase the following tools:    

    • DOMINO Jointing Machine: This handheld electric tool will make mortise and tenon joints at breakneck speed and all the dust and debris will be sucked up by an attached dust extractor (vacuum). While the tool’s cost may seem high, it replaces several machines necessary for conventional methods; hollow chisel mortiser, router or table saw with tenoning jig. Domino machines are available in two sizes (DF 500 and DF 700) and Ernie will demonstrate both. He will show both mortise and tenon joinery and knock down hardware installation.  
    • Track Saw: Now available in corded, cordless and counter scoring models this handheld circular saw will cut plywood, MDF, melamine face board and hardwood lumber straight and true, with a cut finish so smooth, tear free and true that it is ready for glue up. Even if you have a table saw, a track saw allows safe and easy cutting of 4’ x 8’ sheets to size the table saw will handle comfortably. The “track” is an aluminum extrusion that is placed on the work and guides the saw dead straight. Ernie will show a variety of tracks, how to join two tracks together and a track with holes spaced at 33mm intervals for use with the Festool Router in kitchen cabinet construction.  
    • KAPEX Miter Saw: A highly accurate miter saw that gives miters that fit perfectly and cuts boards up to 12” wide. In conjunction with a track saw a tablesaw becomes a convenience but not a necessity.  
    • ROTEX Sanders: Smooth wood quickly and efficiently.